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January 31, 2008, 1155
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So here I am, a girl and her blog, together at last…

Jumpdrives & Cantrips is a labour of love for me, one that will look at the SF industry and produce reviews of many of the books I read. I’ve been reading SF/Science Fiction/Fantasy/whatever other genre label you feel inclined to use for over 15 years, and I still love reading it. I also found that there wasn’t one really great site for reviews–don’t get me wrong. There are some very good ones, but many of them cater to people who are generally a little more focused in their reading or tend to summarize without analyzing. Which is fine, but if I intend to read the book anyway, I don’t feel the need to peruse a plot summary personally.

On to a news tidbit!

I don’t know if you’ve seen the name floating around the ether, but I sure have. The Dabel Brothers Publishing group certainly is expanding their cavalcade of graphic novels/comics based on the works of other writers. Notably, the most publicized was Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files, which has been in the media a lot anyway between the however-many-books-it-is-now series and the TV show. However, they also have taken on projects involving writers Laurell K. Hamilton, George R. R. Martin, Dean Koontz, Patricia Briggs, and C. E. Murphy. Most of the projects are based on characters in existing novels, sometimes with new story lines, however C. E. Murphy‘s contribution is a new comic book that she has been working on for some years now called “Take a Chance” (and she seems very excited about it!). In any case, the closet comic-book geek in me is squealing happily with excitement at all of this.

Also, Patricia Briggs seems to be getting a log more attention lately given that she is a New York Times Bestselling Author at this point. I think it’s high time, but I hope that everything balances out for her. I was always surprised that she wasn’t more popular, but I suppose now she is publishing more regularly and with a strong existing backlist of novels. I’ve followed her books since Steal the Dragon way back when, which has now finally been brought back into print (with a slightly less appealing cover IMO). And for those of you who are interested in these kinds of things, because her character makes her own silver bullets, Mike Briggs (her husband) has been researching how to make silver bullets and has the start of an amusing and intriguing article on her site here.

Reviews to come: Kris Longknife: Audacious, Spellbinder, and The Cipher


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