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Zero G Dance!
February 4, 2008, 0003
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StardanceI remember the first time I found Stardance by Spider & Jeanne Robinson at a used bookstore. I took one look at the cover (incidentally not this one, but a slightly more garish one with a redheaded Shara in a sparkly orange body stocking floating in the midst of space) and thought, “What the hell is that?!” I cautiously decided to buy it, as it couldn’t possibly be worse than the Red Sonja books I’d picked up a few months earlier (I was in junior high, give me a break!). It was far, far better than the Red Sonja books. It was one of those books that really opened my mind, and also was my first Spider Robinson book. I fell in love with the idea of zero G dance, art, whatever. It also fueled a love of dance and movement that has followed me throughout life.

Later I found out that Jeanne Robinson had actually been on a shortlist to get into space on the virtue of a space-inspired choreography and the Nebula she and Spider netted for the novella form of Stardance. Sadly, this was cancelled abruptly with a civilian death with the Challenger. I kept thinking to myself that this was a massive loss but couldn’t understand why things hadn’t moved on from then after so many years.

Now they have. There is a Stardance Project website that I stumbled upon, complete with video clips of zero G dance. It’s mesmerizing to watch, and I want to be up there too! You must go and check out the site, as it explains the technology and is completely fascinating. Jeanne also has a blog about the experience up, which is connected to the site. AND it will be an IMAX movie!

When I grow up… *wistful sigh*


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