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Snippets and Science Fiction Movies
February 16, 2008, 1945
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This weekend is looking pretty good for staying in and not doing all that much. Today we had so much freezing rain that our windows looked like privacy glass… So here’s a few snippets of interesting things, while I curl up to read some lovely, lovely books.

  • Neil Gaiman discusses British vs. American language usage in his writing, plus updates on the eBook voting. (if you haven’t voted, you still can!)
  • The beautiful new cover for Holly Lisle’s new young adult fantasy, The Ruby Key (release date May 2008), now appears on her main website.
  • Nalo Hopkinson will be working with Red Deer Press to start a “reprint imprint” of fantasy books, mainly featuring Canadian authors. This sounds great–I’m excited to see where this goes! (SFScope article)

Beyond that, Sci Fi Wire looks at the top science fiction movies (via AFI’s top 50 list) and wants to know what readers would consider their top 10. Speaking of top science fiction movies, there are quite a few that I love that didn’t even make their list. So, here are some of my favourite science fiction movies that did not hit the top 50:

  • The Fifth Element: One of the best movies of all time.
  • Serenity
  • GalaxyQuest: Hilarious take on SF and fandom.
  • Twelve Monkeys
  • The Core: Because people die when they should, and I love schlock movies.
  • Treasure Planet
  • Sunshine: Ok, not a fan of the slasher part, but still good despite it.
  • Stargate
  • Flight of the Navigator
  • Cube
  • Groundhog Day: *BUZZ* “Then put your little hand in mine…”
  • The Cat from Outer Space: More for nostalgia than anything else.
  • Howard the Duck: The effects were horrible, but an amusing movie.

I know that I’ve probably even left out other great movies… Which movies do you love?

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Hmm… interesting list. I’d have to go with:

– Fifth Element (one of the best movies ever. Like a live-action anime).
– A Clockwork Orange (one of the most disturbing movies ever. I’ll never listen to “singing in the rain” the same way ever again).
– Blade Runner (how I always imagined cities would eventually look like).
– Running Man (unbelievably cheesy, but has such great lines as “Where’s sub-zero?” “Now he’s just plain zero” and a brilliant Richard Dawson appearance).
– Terminator 1 (the time paradox problems this movie presents gives me such headaches, but it’s one entertaining movie).

Comment by Joshua Lew

Heh… I had to watch A Clockwork Orange for my 1st year psych class and analyze it in relation to Freud. I think it’s even more disturbing in that context!

I especially loved the neon-lit market sequences in Bladerunner, they were just beautiful.


Comment by admin

-Fifth Element is a classic!
-Serenity was good but I liked the pace of the show a bit better and so that might effect where I would put it on my list
-Stargate is another favorite.
-Flight of the Navigator! I haven’t seen that since I was around 7. I saw it enough times before that though that I still remember most of it.
-I am officially afraid of The Core. I hear there is a metal called ‘Unobtainium’? I did get convinced to watch The Day After Tomorrow, however, and it wasn’t as bad as I had prepared for so watching it might not be out of the question.

Comment by jenn

Firefly was far better than Serenity, but then Serenity was apparently the entire second season squished into 2 hours, so pacing definitely went.

I have a guilty confession re: Stargate. Everyone in highschool used to ask me “So who do you have a crush on?” and I’d pawn it off on some other actor, but it was REALLY James Spader from Stargate (I won’t even get into Secretary).

No, no! The metal isn’t called that. I think people just make up names for it, like Ohmygodium and Amazium because it could never exist really. It’s a schlocky movie, but it is truly good–for Pete’s sake it has that guy that’s in everything plus Aaron Eckhart plus Hilary Swank plus… well, other people. Anyway, it IS good and I do recommend it. I usually hate disaster end-of-world movies *coughARMAGEDDONcough* but I enjoy it. Plus I know someone who worked on the special effects at Frantic Films 😉


Comment by admin

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