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Boldly going there with captions
February 25, 2008, 2123
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To boldly go…

These unfortunately-designed rockets needed, nay, begged a caption. I noticed them in the background of the Baen Books site when my husband leaned over my shoulder, squinted a little, and said, “are those penis ships?” So here they are for your enjoyment and captioning pleasure, because I bet that you can do better than I can.

In fact, I dare you to do better than me (while keeping things moderately decent and all).

(Apologies–with good humour–to the artist involved, as he/she was not credited visibly.)


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“Captain! The Hardons have spotted us! We’ve lost out cloak! ”
“Evasive manouvers!”

Comment by do I want my name on this?

apparently this is from the Honor Harrington series. I’m not sure whether she’s Captain of the Penis Ship, or Honor Harrington, scourge of the Penis Ships, but there they were on the cover.

Comment by flaede

Hmm. Having not read Honor Harrington (on the premise that I prefer British style for spelling rather than American 😉 ) I couldn’t say for sure. I wonder if anyone else out there knows…


Comment by admin

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