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Grandmasters, missing author, a moon & a reprint
February 27, 2008, 2308
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I noticed today at Locus that the 2008 Spectrum Grand Master is John Jude Palancar, whose artwork I have loved since I first saw it… And in fact, I think the most memorable cover by him for me was for The Wild Swans by Peg Kerr.

Then I wondered what happened to Peg Kerr… She wrote two books in the late 1990s, then seemed to disappear. It looks like mainly be life and short fiction happened, as life often does, and short fiction sometimes does. I just hope she eventually comes back to novels, as both Emerald House Rising (1997) and The Wild Swans (1999) are excellent books.

And also, here’s an article about Elizabeth Moon, about her life and writing. She’s one of those people who does many things with her life, and it usually shows up in her writing at some point–there are some really nice takes on EMTs in space in some of her short stories. She makes an interesting comment that science fiction is easier to write than fantasy. I for one am glad that the return to fantasy publication is imminent, but no more news on that front from this article (found via The Swivet).

When I was at McNally Robinson (a local bookseller) a couple days ago, I happened upon a Red Deer Press reprint of Doranna Durgin‘s Dun Lady’s Jess. So excited! I kept trying to get my hands on this book way back when it first came out, and could only ever get sequels because it always seemed to be out of print despite its popularity. And it just takes the cake that it’s a small Canadian press as well. O happy day! So look for a review of that in the near future, though there are some others in progress before that one will be up on the reading block…


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