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The Ides, the Ides…
March 15, 2008, 1149
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 Ok, I know we’ve changed calendar systems at least twice since the whole Julius Caesar ides-thing “occurred”, but it doesn’t make it any less amusing to me. Still working on Airs & Graces, which is a little slower read than I was expecting. In the meantime, wile your ides away with these:

  • Patrick Nielson Hayden reveals more about Tor’s website plans on Making Light. It sounds a little exciting, but I remain somewhat skeptical about the social networking end of things. And to be honest, while free eBooks are nice with the incentive mail-outs, I’ve owned all but one of them, and that one is certainly in the local library. Anyhow, I do hope that things turn out nicely and it works as a novel little marketing system.
  • Terry Pratchett, who was diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s Disease, has pledged $1 million to support the UK Alzheimer’s Research Trust. Grasping for the Wind also has a post about this, including a link to a facebook group for fans supporting the cause if you are interested in supporting it. Knowing a little of how donated money gets broken down, I really hope that it gets used in a good way, because that’s one heckuva disease to live with, and one that is sadly common.
  • Also, check out i09’s Bad Movie Physics report card. These are things that I perpetually notice in science fiction movies and have a vague sense of “What the…?!” about, but they generally don’t ruin my movie going experience on the whole. Keep in mind I enjoyed The Core, which is a dearth of horrible (but extremely amusing!) science in and of itself… But really, half the fun is making fun of these types of things.
  • In the realm of amusement and silliness, check out No More Abandoned Shopping Carts to see some cart whispering. The area where I grew up sure needed a cart-whisperer. It’s renowned as a shopping cart graveyard.

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I thought the Ides of March was the 13th… I’ve been telling my brother that his whole life (not that he cares!) — it’s his birthday that day. Oh well!

This blog is tres cool 🙂 I like the academic aspects, which is something I never have time to do on my blog, though I do sneak a few essays in occassionally.

I need to visit more often 😀


Comment by Chris (The Book Swede)

Please do!

Maybe the 13th would be the corrected date? It’s a possibility that you’re right as well.

Thanks for the compliments 🙂


Comment by admin

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