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“make fibula crossbow”!?
March 31, 2008, 1429
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I was all excited today because I got some comment spam entitled “make fibula crossbow.” After all, it would be cool to make ranged weapons out of someone’s lower leg-bone.

Alas, it led to porn.


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What a drag. I got to sample real weapons at the Renaissance Fair last year. It was very cool.

Comment by Kimber An

I am imagining lovely “anatomy”-style realistic sketches of a fibula… turned into a crossbow. Sadly I never did take that class or learn how to draw dem bones well enough to do it myself.

…Can I have a copy of that e-mail if you still have one? It sounds odd, but I have a collection of truly outstanding Spam. It will prove useful someday, I’m sure. Honest.

Comment by flaede

Heh, I could draw one. It probably wouldn’t function well, though, as a fibula isn’t exactly the most robust bone in the body. Though I ‘spose a crossbow could have insets on in artistically speaking made of carved bone… Probably a tibia would be ideal for that or even a hip bone since they have nicer flat surfaces…

It wasn’t an email; it was comment spam on the blog here, so I may be able to access it with a plugin, but it’s really not all that exciting; it’s pretty much almost exactly what I said 🙂


Comment by admin

I used to get cool spam! My favourite was a long description about Thor “and his famous helmet”… Nowadays, alas, it’s all about “girth”, and straight to my inbox, too! 🙂


Comment by Chris (The Book Swede)

Well, I’ve had a break from the penis enlargers lately, though other favourites seem to be antibiotics (I didn’t really think that required advertising if you need them anyway) and lately mortgages.

Sadly, it’s not terribly amusing at all, and more like gibberish 😉


Comment by admin

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