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End Trans?
April 5, 2008, 1345
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Contrary to all appearances, Jumpdrives & Cantrips has not shut down as of April 1 (that would be a rather cruel April Fool for those of you who enjoy the site). Instead, life took a front seat with some additional work and family issues that required resolving.

I also happened to hit one of those bumps that I encounter every once in a while as a reader. Sometimes I just don’t want to read. And so I did other things of muchly fun in the past while that I highly endorse:

  • Playing RockBand. It’s an awesome co-operative game that encourages people to work together to “play” instruments in a band or sing. I’m partial to the drums–it’s enjoyable beating the crud out of things in an artful manner. Even people who have no sense of rhythm can get by playing it, because there are visual cues to get you through when your internal pitch-o-meter is less than helpful.
  • Seeing friends from out of town. Always enjoyable, and our friends have one of the smartest two-year-olds I’ve seen in a long time, despite his having a stroke early in life and various seizure issues. He spent part of the night testing different methods to try and politely trick me into giving abandoning chocolate to him. He didn’t get it, but he was more inventive than any adult probably would have been!
  • Getting stormed upon. I love storms, especially when I am not directly in them, and our somewhat balmy weather in Winnipeg has been punctuated with brief ice storms and hail this week. Yesterday I went to work and it looked as though some giant sea salt machine dusted our front yard, but it was leftover overnight hail!

As much as I love reading, I think if I read books when I didn’t feel like it, it would be a greater travesty. I wouldn’t enjoy them just because I didn’t want to enjoy them at that point in time. And you’d probably get sick of reading loads of more-cranky-than-usual reviews. However, I’m currently working on the review for the third Jani Kilian book, Law of Survival. After this one, I’m going to take a break from the series for a while to catch up on some other books. Grimspace by Ann Aguire is still on the list, and I’ll see where I am after that.

Any requests? Send ’em on in.


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I’ve taken a (brief) hiatus from reading as well – read 11 books this year (which is a lot for my standards) and I feel a bit bogged down at the moment…and my diploma is progressing with tortorous speed, so I had to pick up with school work :s.

RockBand? I’m a fan of Guitar Hero 3 :)…and play a lot. Otherwise I’m a rainy person – love rain, storms, grey/black sky…that kind of stuff.


Comment by uroš

See, I tried to learn to play a real guitar at one point, and I find it difficult to wrap my head around the whole not-really-a-guitar thing, so I like the vocals and drums more from Rockband–I’m almost up to hard with them, though I don’t play too often. If you’re ever in Manitoba though you should come play with/against my husband. He plays expert guitar on Rockband and at least hard on Guitar Hero 2’s Rock the 80s (we don’t have three yet).

Good luck with the school work! What kind of diploma is it? I always found the more I needed to do schoolwork the more inclined I was to read instead! I would read one chapter from the textbook for every two from a novel and try to encourage myself to get through!


Comment by admin

I know the feeling. Sometimes I don’t feel like reading and I take a break. And you’re right, if you force yourself you end up probably disliking the book.

Comment by Dark Wolf

I got one song left on hard (GH3), and I (paradoxically) play real guitar as well or at least I had been (haven’t learned a new song for years but I fiddle around sometimes; for kicks). I’ll take up the challenge if I cross the big pond anytime soon :). Well…about the reading; that is exactly why I’ve read 11books this year…just to put off shool work :). I study sociology. Diploma is about “the body” or at least the lack of it in classical thought. I’m trying to prove that our existence in the worl (our corporeal existence incl. feelings etc.) is affecting our self; that our body is not to be mastered by our mind, but that it has an existence of its own and importantly influences our identity. I’m trying to “prove” a triangle between the body-society-mind. That would be roughly it.

Comment by uroš

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