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First off, Realms of Speculative Fiction, where one of my blog buddies (Thrinidir/Uros) resides, has put together an awesome list of SF-related blogs and included me along with a whole host of excellent bloggers (I feel a little odd being included with them). I even found some I hadn’t yet stumbled upon! Clearly he has superior blogging taste, and is very nice besides. I highly endorse his blog, which has multiple reviewers and other cool things.

But without any further ado, lots of interesting things out there the past couple of days, so this might run a little longer than usual…

  • Fantasy Book Critic reviews & interviews Lois McMaster Bujold and Kate Elliott (aka Alis A. Rasmussen). I urge you to read both of the excellent interviews, and then the books of these excellent writers.
  • Juno Editor Paula Guran posted her notes for a panel on urban fantasy that she didn’t get to. It’s a very good look at urban fantasy in the context of its cross-genre nature and points out some tendencies. My only wish it that it was in a more chronological format, as it tends to jump around a little without putting things into context time-wise, but if I really wanted I suppose I could edit it. Unfortunately, I’m unabashedly lazy (via Dark Parables).
  • This is why I hesitate to fully embrace eBooks–so much potential for paper-bound beauty! Take a look at Jordan Crane’s Cover Art for a Michael Chabon essay collection (via Making Light). It makes me drool a little.
  • John Scalzi on book remaindering and The Android’s Dream. Which is, by the way, a great piece of comedic SF and satire, and I encourage purchasing of the remaindered books, so keep your eyes peeled in the near future if you want a copy.
  • Jim C. Hines’ LOL Books. I highly endorse LOLing in general, and LOLSF is even better! I’m particularly be-snickered by the missing forehead one…
  • A new book by Farah Mendelsohn called Rhetorics of Fantasy is a work with scholarly slant that tries to categorise fantasy in a new way. Instead of looking at content specifically, she analyses how characters relate to the world they are in (via SF Scope). I’d be very interested to have a read of this volume, and I’ll have to see if she’s published any articles.
  • And the newest Compton Crook Award finalists have been announced. There’s only one I haven’t seen a significant amount of buzz about: Baen’s Mark L. Van Name volume One Jump Ahead (via SF Scope).

With that, I am off to pillage and rampage across countryside from the comfort of my home. I love computers 😉

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ah! you loved that cover design, too!
“don’t judge a book by it’s cover”, may be a good moral, but good covers are still great things.

I was in McNally Robinson recently, and there are a lot of books getting really wonderful covers these days. The latest Winnie the Pooh set (couldn’t find a link online), and Neil Gaiman’s Fragile Things are the two good examples I can think of.

Out with those horrible computer-drawn fantasy art covers! Begone I say!

Comment by Flaede

Wow, thanks for the kind words Sara. I’m glad you enjoyed the article.

Comment by uroš

Flaede: yeah, there are some really nice covers coming out and I personally detest this latest trend towards a) computer generated art and b) use of photos merged into other art to produce covers (Luna does this a LOT and usually the results are not ideal for me). Baen has also steadily gotten worse over time, IMO, for cover art.

Uros: Pfft, of course I enjoyed it. Heck, I was the first one listed even if it wasn’t in any sort of order! Made me feel all warm & fuzzy 🙂


Comment by admin

You reminded me of another reason why I love books and don’t enjoy much e-books, covers and cover art.

Comment by Dark Wolf

Cool links, Sara. You have such excellent taste and so does Realms of Speculative Fiction!

Comment by kimber an

Thanks for the linkage Sara! And yes, that article by Uros was pretty cool 🙂

Comment by Robert

Dark Wolf: I actually like the idea of the Kindle… but I think there will always be a place for art-binding. And oddly enough, I love the smell of New Book the most. I really need a car freshener in that scent…

Kimber: Thanks, as always. I always feel as though you’re showering me with compliments 😉

Robert: You’re very welcome–again, those were wonderful interviews.


Comment by admin

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