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I cast the net wide when I read, but I particularly enjoy speculative fiction, specifically science fiction and fantasy literature. These genres are the focus of this blog, and I am more than happy to review any books that fall under this category, including young adult books and comics or graphic novels.

It’s important to me to not just read what’s on the bestseller list, or the most recent publications out there, or the big presses. So you may see reviews of older science fiction and fantasy, and sometimes even reprints or works that are out of print. Just because it’s out of print doesn’t mean it’s any less enjoyable; look at Patricia Briggs, whose early novels were out of print for a long, long time. I enjoy supporting booksellers outside of the big-box model as well as small presses. However, just because small presses are smaller doesn’t mean that I don’t expect the same standards of quality.

Please be aware that I am fully honest in my reviews; I don’t mince words, and I won’t lie to make nice. I also try to be fair with my reviews. If you think I am not, by all means, please comment or email me. I am certainly open to dialogue and discussion.

I am currently looking for review copies of any books that fit the above, and sometimes those that move outside those realms. Send me an email if you are an author or publisher for mailing information and any other information you may require from me.

If you are a reader and have review requests, I will also do my best to accommodate. I enjoy searching out new works and authors, so suggestions are always welcome.

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Hi, Sara.

I write the “Quincey Morris Supernatural Investigations” novels for Solaris. The first book, “Black Magic Woman”, was published last January. The new one, “Evil Ways,” will be out at the end of this month, although Amazon is selling it already.

I recently learned that my publisher has arranged to have a lengthy excerpt from “Evil Ways” posted at the Fantasy Bookspot site, which can be found here:


Would you consider posting the link on Jumpdrives & Cantrips? Frankly, I’m trying to generate some buzz, and I think that would help a great deal.

Best wishes,

Justin Gustainis

Comment by Justin Gustainis

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