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December 4, 2008, 1426
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Through time and space...!

Through time and space...!

After much delay, I finally gave in and made the jump to WordPress.com. So far I’m pretty pleased, since it will save me a lot of administrative time in some respects and I can put that energy into more reviews. This pleases me, since I like writing reviews that people like reading, whereas I’m not a fan of sitting and deleting/moderating spam for 3 hours a day (which is relatively thankless).

For those of you wondering, I’m now toddling along fully encasing and nourishing another human life, which is a pretty cool experience to say the least. I expect that sometime in mid-January said human life will emerge and generally ensue in all sorts of new adventures.

I might also start experimenting on here with some shorter summary reviews, since I’ve been able to read more than post… This doesn’t mean my longer-winded reviews won’t happen, eventually they’ll be along. Keep in mind also that things are still going to be shifting around here for the next while, so if the theme suddenly explodes… well, just don’t be too surprised is all!

And please, please, if I am not linking to you at the moment and you think you fit in well with the other link-ups I’ve made, please let me know since I haven’t had as much time to wander the blogosphere as I used to–I always enjoy seeing other people’s opinions even if I don’t agree! Also, if you previously were around and now aren’t, it’s only because I couldn’t import my blogroll. Just give me a nudge and I’ll get on it right away.

Well, here goes nothing…