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Weekend-ness with Tidbits
April 18, 2008, 2107
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Though I am currently working on writing up a review of Elizabeth A. Lynn’s The Dancers of Arun, I also have to balance out the 4-day course for work I am in the midst of. So, here are a few things of interest while I must do other things:

  • Edward N. Lorenz, the meteorologist who helped create Chaos Theory, has died. He was the originator of the butterfly effect and many other important ideas, and I think it’s sad that he wasn’t more of a household name.
  • Mr. Scalzi has posted a “shareware” short story, entitled “How I Proposed to my Wife: An Alien Sex Story.”  Payment is voluntary and by donation, and half of it goes to The Lupus Foundation of America.
  • Mini-mechs? I find this HAL suit made by a company called “Cyberdyne” oddly horrific, and can’t quite articulate why. In part I envision lots of injuries because of it, and it oddly resembles some sort of Wii peripheral…