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March 10, 2008, 1109
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In light of the computer recently spitting me out of writing my review of Dun Lady’s Jess, managing to erase the entire thing, and turning the screen into vertical green & black lines, I now resort to a news tidbits post *grin*

The Swivet mentions that Tanya Huff sold an urban fantasy book called One Woman’s Junk. I’m interested to see what she’ll do with these themes… See full info here.

More free eBooks! Jeff Vandermeer’s The Situation via Geekdad at Wired. Also Neil Gaiman‘s American Gods is up and running here.

This stuff is just so cool! Everyone knows that neurons don’t grow back, but a group of researchers has been using microchips to try and regenerate nerve cells. And if you ever wanted the chance to explore the International Space Station, have a look around.

And after Dun Lady’s Jess, I’m looking to review Airs and Graces by Toby Bishop (another horse-related fantasy), and more of the Jani Kilian books.